Performance analytics for today's DTC brands.

Tydo organizes complex data for DTC brands into rich and intuitive dashboards. Data that you can use to make clear decisions and take deliberate action on. Data that moves with the currents of your business. Let’s get clarity and make waves together!
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Why Tydo?
Built For Lean Teams
At Tydo, we believe no operator should be constrained by access to quality data or limited by their own technical expertise. That’s why we built it for ‘no code’ and lean teams!
Automated & Actionable Insights
Our dashboard is made specifically for DTC brands so all you need to do is connect and automated, actionable insights appear instantly.
Data Driven Decisions
No more guessing. No more one-off data analyst projects. Make all your decisions with the confidence of data behind them. No spreadsheets and no code needed.
Maximize Growth & Retain Customers
Seamlessly gain insight into products and channels that drive customer acquisition and build strategies around how to retain those customers.
Single Source of Truth
With Tydo, you have a 360 degree view of your business under one integrated dashboard. From marketing efforts to operations management and financial reporting, we have a view for every operator on your team.
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Report Cards by Tydo
Automated snapshots of your performance delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly for free.
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Report Cards by Sharma Brands x Tydo - Free automated performance reports for DTC brands | Product Hunt
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How It Works
Connect. No Pixels or Code Needed.
Connect your store and ad data in less than a minute! No pixel setup or code necessary. Just you and your login credentials :)
Explore Automated Insights
Instantly gain access to our pre-built dashboard and visual insights across your entire business.
Make Decisions That Fuel Growth
Feel confident in your data-backed decisions, creating speed and efficiency to thrive and reach your highest goals.
Connect all your tools and advertising channels to one source.
Tydo captures all your business data and turns it into actionable insights. We seamlessly integrate with your storefronts, marketing channels, management tools and much more into an easy-to-use data dashboard.
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Insights across your entire business.
Tydo Marketing Dashboard
Get a snapshot of your marketing channel effectiveness.
Understand your unit economics and get real-time product profit margins.
Customer LTV and net revenue retention by cohort. All sortable by SKU, campaign or tag.
Build custom audiences based on purchase history. Implement across marketing channels.
Get a detailed view of each customer, identifying them as active, at risk or lost.
See what industry leaders are already saying about Report Cards
“Analytics debt is the silent killer for eCommerce brands. Tydo is like having a rockstar analyst that shines a flashlight on your business and up-levels decision making & operational rigor.”
Mike Duboe
“Report Cards is like the daily Morning Brew email for your business.”
Nik Sharma
“It’s impossible to launch a brand these days without true, concise analytics. That’s why I read my Report Card every morning.”
Bar Malik
“Having done eCommerce since 1996, Report Cards is the culmination of everything a founder or head of marketing needs to see every morning.”
Brian Sugar
“Every morning I start my day with a cup of hot coffee and JUDY’s Report Card, to figure out what I need to tackle for that day.”
Simon Huck
“As a Founder and Head of Marketing, Report Cards makes operating a business easier and keeps us analytically aligned as a team.”
Alexandra Zatarain
Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Eight Sleep
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